Meet Djuna

Djuna Osborne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with her BA in English and an MSW from the University of South Carolina. She has an 11 year career in community mental health treating impoverished individuals with chronic medical and mental health issues, substance abuse, and acute crisis in hospitals, jails and clinics. She currently has a private practice in Roanoke County serving a variety of clients throughout the Roanoke Valley. Her profession has taught her the importance of affordable, accessible health care and the consequences of not having adequate funding for mental health services or our schools. Djuna chose social work as her career path because her goal in life is to provide a voice for the voiceless.
Djuna is married and is a devoted mother of two daughters. Although she has always been interested in women’s issues, the responsibility of raising daughters has made her keenly aware that although we are seeing progress, gender pay disparity, violence against women, sexual harassment, and general discrimination are still too prevalent in our society. Djuna is determined that her daughters – that everybody's daughters – are given the right to compete on a level playing field. To illustrate her commitment, Djuna co-founded the Women’s March on Roanoke, an event that inspired over 4,000 people to gather in Downtown Roanoke on a winter’s day to say that equality for women shouldn’t just be a goal, it should be a priority.
Djuna is leading a grassroots campaign to improve the Roanoke Valley powered by the extraordinary people of the 17th district. Djuna believes in transparency and will serve with integrity. Her financial summary includes personal, gift, and campaign disclosures.

Djuna's husband Swis is a native Roanoker who went through the Roanoke City Public School System and graduated from Patrick Henry High School. Both Djuna and Swis are proponents of the Virginia public schools systems and couldn’t think of a better place to settle down and raise their family than the Roanoke Valley. Djuna loves being outdoors, running on Mill Mountain’s trails and the Greenway, and being surrounded by mountains. She often says that the Roanoke Valley may not be her hometown by birth, but it’s her hometown by choice.
As well as managing a career and honoring her commitments to both her family and her community, Djuna is a regular volunteer at the Bradley Free Clinic and is a sustaining member of the Junior League of Roanoke Valley and an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke. Never one to turn her back on a person in need or a job that needs to be done, Djuna has become a master at keeping all the plates spinning. The Roanoke Valley’s 17th District needs effective, responsive representation; the 17th District needs Djuna Osborne for Delegate.