As a lover of the outdoors, Djuna believes in protecting our environment and preserving the Roanoke Valley’s green spaces. She supports land conservation efforts that will preserve our land, and supports clean energy initiatives that will power the future of Virginia’s economy. Solar and wind jobs are growing faster than the US economy, so now is the time to invest in clean energy industries that will not only protect our environment, but will bring jobs to our area.

Djuna is strongly opposed to the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which will cut across portions of southwest Virginia, disrupting our green spaces, harming our environment, and endangering our drinking water. Not only that, but the project requires seizing private property for corporate gain through eminent domain. Citizens deserve to be able to determine what development projects happen in their own backyards and communities. Climate change is a real threat, and the solution lies in investments in clean energy, infrastructure revitalization, and energy efficiency, not the building of pipelines to transport cheap fuel.